The Beginning – 1923

The New St. Paul Baptist Church was organized as a Baptist Mission in 1923, and located on M street S.W in Washington, D.C. under the leadership of rev. King David Hall. The New St. Paul Mission, had split from the Delaware Ave. Baptist Church, which was located at 1105 Delaware… Read more

A New Church Home- 1957

In 1957, the church relocated to its present location, 2400 Franklin St. N.E. and was renamed Second New St. Paul Baptist Church only because there was already a New St. Paul located within the city. Second New St Paul was purchased for the sum of $65,000.00. Truly the Lord has… Read more

The Visionary – 1958


In 1958, Rev Edgar L. Williams began his pastorate. This call was a great challenge to pastor Williams because membership had declined to 27 members with little income and great expenses. This presented spiritual and material problems, however, they persevered and with that, a new era began, and under the… Read more

Major Renovations 1961 – 1968

In 1961, the first stage of construction began with raising of the old church (leaving the entrance intact). Prince hall Grand Lodge, Grand master Curtis Blakely, officiated laying the cornerstone on March 12, 1961. By October 1961, membership had grown to 545 members. Many necessities were added in the next… Read more

Green Valley Senior Citizen Apartments 1969 – 1971


Dr. Edgar L. Williams had a dream to utilize unused property as a housing project for Senior Citizens and the Physically Disabled. A committee of qualified church members and well wishers formed to bring this idea to the attention of the Federal Government. In May 1969, following two years of… Read more

The Education Center – 1972


The property at 2410 Franklin Street (next to our present site) was purchased and utilized for parking and to make way for the Education Center. On April 8, 1972, ground was broken to build an Education center at a cost of $450,000.00. Construction began in July 1972. The second cornerstone… Read more

Scholarship Program – 1974


Educational achievements are blessings from God. A scholarship program was formed in 1974 with the first recipients receiving $300.00. In 1975 and 1976 the scholarship increased to $500.00. In 1977, Pastor Williams called together a group of young members of the church to establish a body, which would have as… Read more

More Improvements 1977 – 1979

In November 1977 most of the old church was raised for construction of a larger and more modern facility at a cost of $500,000.00 On December 17, 1978 this beautiful, unique edifice with a fabulous Pastor’s study, ladies lounge, choir robes room, a new Conn organ, cushioned pews, and pulpit… Read more

Foreign Mission Involvement – 1980


Second New St Paul has long been involved with foreign mission endeavors through our Pastor and the National Baptist Convention, USA Inc. by making annual contributions. In February 1980, our Pastor visited Africa under the auspices of the Foreign Mission Board of the National Baptist Convention. Upon his return, he… Read more

Church Parsonage – 1981

Second New St Paul purchased the corner lot at 26th and Franklin Street N.E. The church parsonage was built on this site. On September 26, 1981, this beautiful home was dedicated and open house was held. The first family moved into this spacious home after residing in the Green Valley… Read more

Dr. Edgar L. Williams Day – 1982

On October 3, 1982 former Mayor Marion Barry proclaimed this day as Dr. Edgar L. Williams, Sr. Day in recognition of this great leader and builder for the numerous he had done for the old and the young, the community, the Saved and Unsaved. The third day of October from… Read more

Crystal Room and Youth Church –1983

In June 1983, a loan in the amount of $175,000.00 was obtained to enclose the open court, now the Crystal Room, which is an extension of the Robinowitz Auditorium and a room on the second level, currently our Youth Church was made available. In addition to providing care and training… Read more

James E. Coleman Supply Room Dedicated – 1991

In 1991, Second New St Paul purchased two lots in the 2400 block of Franklin Street to provide additional parking for its members. Additionally, a room was built to store supplies. The room was dedicated and named the James E. Coleman Supply Room.

Barbara L. Cox Library Dedication – 1993


In 1992, plans were presented for a church library. Space was provided over the supply room, to ensure that our congregation would have a place to excel spiritually, as well as academically. On August 3, 1993, the Barbara L. Cox Library was dedicated.

First Women’s Retreat – 1994

Second new St Paul hosted its first Women’s Retreat at the Fairview Marriott in Falls Church, Va. on September 16 and 17 1994. More than 100 women from the metropolitan area were in attendance.

Helping Hands Ministry – 1996

In 1996, a clothing ministry was formed and Chaired by Deaconess Arnita Branch-Parham. Once a month, clothing and accessories are donated to the needy. The ministry has grown leaps and bounds and is now providing food and other essentials.

Sanctuary Carpeting and The Bus Ministry – 1999

In April 1999, the church was able to add new carpeting and tile to the main sanctuary. In July the church purchased a new neon double sided bulletin board for the church yard. Also in July 1999, a 25 passenger bus was purchased and in November 19999, the Bus Ministry… Read more

Ordination of Deacons – 2000

In September 2000, an ordination service was held for three men whom Pastor Williams felt were worthy of this great appointment. After several months of study and careful teaching by Vice Chairman, Deacon Johnny Williams, Deacon(s) Nathan Brown, Douglas Sharp, and Harold Williams, Sr. were ordained.

A New Ministry Evolves – 2000

The Spiritual Growth Ministry was founded in October 2000 by Trustee James Hunter. The ministry was founded for the sole purpose of assisting those that were struggling with substance abuse and to help their families to better understand the disease of addiction. One of the goals is to encourage our… Read more

A Legacy of Our Own – 2001

On Sunday, May 6, 2001, Rev. Dr. Edgar L. Williams, Sr. was inducted into the Washington, DC Hall of Fame, recognizing his Legacy in Religion. The Legacy Award was established to recognize District of Columbia residents who have made a tremendous impact on the growth and development of the city…. Read more

Church Improvements – 2001

The beautification Committee headed by Deacon Earl Campbell, and dedicated members of this church sponsored a major clean-up campaign. The theme was: “Clean-up What We Messed Up and Star All over Again.” On May 19, 2001 the improvements began Many renovations and upgrades were accomplished. All church parking lots were… Read more

Our Test Begins – 2002

Pastor Williams is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. With radical therapy he is given two years. He called an impromptu prayer meeting of church members on an early summer afternoon. He explained to us what was going on in his life, and urged us to pray for him, his family, and… Read more

Constitution and By-Laws

In March 2003, Pastor Williams commissioned Trustee Ruben McNair , Sr., (Church Treasurer) to draft a proposed Constitution and By-Laws for Second New St. Paul Baptist Church. Over the following months, Trustee McNair drafted a Constitution and in August 2003 presented it to a collective group of representatives from the… Read more

A Worthy Honor – 2003


On Monday, April 14, 2003, Pastor Williams was honored as Pastor of the Year by the Missionary Baptist Minister’s Conference of Washington, D.C. & Vicinity. Pastor was never concerned with the length of time he had here on earth. He was more concerned with being obedient to God’s Will, saving… Read more

Pulpit Search Committee

In December 2004, the church voted in agreement to accept a Pulpit Search Committee. This committee headed by Sis. Judy Williams would be responsible for seeking qualified candidates to be considered for the position of pastor. The church also voted in agreement to seat an interim pastor until a permanent/full-time… Read more

Interim Pastor & New Leader for The Deacon Board – 2005

In March 2005, the Lord blessed us again! Pastor Arie L. Mangrum, Jr. was appointed our Interim Pastor. He came to us with a rich history of Praising God, teaching His Word, and leading people to salvation. His wit and dedication to the Lord has been well received by all…. Read more

Consecration of Deaconess – 2005

On Sunday, October 16, 2005 during the morning worship service, and after an unexpected delay due to the lost of Pastor Williams, Pastor Mangrum gave the Statement of Purpose and Charge to nineteen newly Consecrated Deaconess.

Preparing For the Future 2005 – 2007


On November 1, 2005, the Pulpit Search Committee officially announced the availability if the pastoral position. Over 170 application were received. In July 2006, the committee had narrowed the selection to five semi-finalist. By September there were two finalists, Pastor Riley K. Curry of Lexington, North Carolina, and Pastor Nathaniel… Read more