The Visionary – 1958

In 1958, Rev Edgar L. Williams began his pastorate. This call was a great challenge to pastor Williams because membership had declined to 27 members with little income and great expenses. This presented spiritual and material problems, however, they persevered and with that, a new era began, and under the leadership of pastor Williams, the membership began to tithe. The church caught fire with new life and the unswerving faith in God led from one degree of grace to another. Pastor Williams was enthused, about leading the membership in the right direction. He realized that it was essential that his members gain a deep spiritual love for our Lord and for their church before they could secure the many things necessary for the adequate expansion of the church properties. By Easter 1958, the church had taken in 99 members, 75 by Baptism.

At each of Second New St Paul’s locations, Rev. Amos Sharp along with Rev. and Mrs. Scott were in charge of the BYPU (Baptist Young People Union) now simply known as “Sunday School.” Since the birth of the church, one of the major functions has been to train and rear the young people in the fear of the Lord. Until his dying day Pastor Williams knew that he had carried out the will of God by instituting Bible Study programs to encourage individual according to their age.