Our Test Begins – 2002

Pastor Williams is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. With radical therapy he is given two years. He called an impromptu prayer meeting of church members on an early summer afternoon. He explained to us what was going on in his life, and urged us to pray for him, his family, and each other. He returned to the pulpit in September.

In July 2002, the church decided to celebrate Pastor Williams’ 82nd birthday in the backyard of his home. It was estimated that approximately 400 members, family, neighbors, and friends were in attendance. They all came out to wish our pastor well on his very special day. He received many gifts and lots of love. The music was outstanding, Bro. Clarence Walker treated us to the very best of his collection. Pastor even led a few songs. He was at his best! This 82nd birthday celebration was said to be the best and will long be remembered.