Events & School Calendar



The date for our Black History Month Program has changed from Friday, February 3, 2017 to Friday, February 10, 2017. Please come to the main sanctuary of the Second New St. Paul Baptist Church at 10:00 am to witness the beautiful growth and development of our children. Our support gives them confidence, a sense of belonging, and positive affirmations. Observe them as they perform music, poetry, movement. We specialize in phonics, the written and spoken word through our Abeka Curriculum. Our children learn to “think on their feet!” and “speak on their feet!”




June 19 – August 28

Summer Camp is a time of fun and field trips for children. We use this time to supplement the curriculum through field trips, travel and fun. We are aware that children often forget what they’ve learned during summer break so we are sure to teach these same lessons through more of the arts, hands on, parent participation and summer workers from the Marion Barry Summer Youth Work Program. 



 November thru April

We intentionally celebrate faith-based holiday’s such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter and patriotic holidays such as Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Presidents Day and more.


Graduation Day


June 2017

Pre-Kindergarten readiness for Kindergarten is exceptional. We ensure skills that will guide them through elementary school and beyond.

We also take pride in character development important at home and in public. Our graduates are respectful, polite, curious, happy, loved and anxious to continue as life-long learners.