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The Second New St. Paul Baptist Church Child Development Center (SNSPBCCDC) was founded in 1972 by the late Rev. Dr. Edgar Lehman Williams, Sr., (former Pastor) and the members of The Second New St. Paul Baptist Church. It is a Washington, DC landmark. It houses the foremost and first faith-based childcare development center privately owned and operated by a Baptist church in the District of Columbia. It provided a foundation for life-long learning to thousands of children, employment for hundreds, and a community service to families for decades.

Since 1972, it has grown in in-house structure, content, and curriculum. It ensures developmentally appropriate programs for children. The Center is governed by the Second New St. Paul Baptist Church Child Development Center Board of Directors, the Administrative Manager, the Center Director, the church members, the Department of Human Services, and the Department of Health all under the leadership of the current Pastor, Rev. Nathaniel Benjamin, Jr.

Today, the Center functions in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Office of the State Superintendent on Education (OSSE). Since the inception of the Child Development Center, a plethora of teachers, assistant teachers, and staff have been trained and gainfully employed. The Center houses 17 separate classrooms for infants, toddlers, preschool, and prekindergarten children.  Alumnae attribute their educational and employment success to their early beginnings at The 2nd New St. Paul Baptist Church Child Development Center and often return to enroll their children. We are proud to have the current Pastor, Rev. Nathaniel Benjamin, Jr., a strong, conservative teacher and leader of the gospel, continue to build upon our legacy of educating religiously our children.

About the Founder:

Rev. Dr. Edgar L. Williams, Sr. was born in Fairly Play Seneca, South Carolina in 1920. In high school he was head of the Business Club. He earned his Bachelors Degree in Business from Benedict College in SC. Carolina. Educated in the military as one of 909,000 African American men drafted to serve in the 92nd Infantry as a Buffalo Soldier in World War II, he was wounded, honored with two Purple Hearts, and received an Honorary Discharge from the United States Army. At the Battle of Arno in Italy, Williams was shot in the face and back, yet, with a steel plate in his forehead, legally blind in one eye, scrap metal in his face and back, difficulty reading, he became even more determined to fulfill his calling to help others. He was called to Pastor The Second New St. Paul Baptist Church in 1958 bringing with him a wife and six children. His large family attracted other large which resulted in a church of large families all worshipping together. This calling lead him to further earn a Masters Degree from Northwestern College, Southeastern College, American University, and a Doctorate of Divinity from Morris Booker College in Dermott, Arkansas. As pastor of Second New St. Paul Baptist Church for over 40 years, he received several national awards for his commitment to education and helping the elderly and handicapped. Dr. Williams lead a cohort of Second New St. Paul Baptist Church members establishing The St. Paul Union Baptist Church in Monrovia West Africa. Rev. Dr. Edgar L. Williams, Sr. passed away at the age of 83 with pancreatic cancer in December 2003.

Children’s Mascot:  The Little Lamb

Children’s Colors: Blue, White, Red

Children’s Theme: “The Lord Is My Shepherd”

​ Psalm 231                                                                        

The Center Standard

We are the home school away from home

(we take pride in educating religiously our children)



The Second New St. Paul Baptist Church Child Development Center exists to educate religiously our children while providing a robust, early learning environment which focuses on developing values, attitudes, thoughts, and feelings that foster respect for authority, independence and a life-long curiosity for learning.


The Second New St. Paul Baptist Church Child Development Center uses the Abeka Curriculum (a faith-based curriculum) for preschool thru prekindergarten and the Creative Curriculum for Infants thru Toddlers. Our educational and extra-curricula programs positively contribute to the growth, development and health of our children. Our mark of quality care will be evident on the lives of each child who attends the Second New St. Paul Baptist Church Child Development Center as they enter elementary school and beyond.

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